Jun 4

Commonwealth of PA v. K.S.

Commonwealth of PA v. K.S.

Client was charged with aggravated assault in Philadelphia on a police officer, resisting arrest and other related charges as the result of an incident during a traffic stop. The police claimed that while they were investigating another driver, K.S. became agitated and started honking his horn. After one of the officer’s approached K.S.’s car, K.S. allegedly ignored commands to stop and struck the officer with his side mirror. After again stopping his car, the officer claimed that he tried to remove K.S. from his car but that K.S. sped away and ran his foot over. A struggle ensued and K.S. was eventually subdued. At trial, the defense highlighted numerous inconsistencies in the officer’s testimony, and presented photographs and other evidence that the officer intentionally smashed K.S.’s mirror, then dragged him out of the car and beat him. The defense argued that the criminal charges were levied against K.S. to cover their own misconduct. K.S. was acquitted of all charges at trial.

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