May 28

Commonwealth v. K.G. – Attempted Murder Aquittal

Commonwealth v. K.G. – Attempted Murder Aquittal

In a case that was reported by the national news media, K.G. was arrested on two counts of attempted murder in Philadelphia and related charges after allegedly trying to kill one person, and inadvertently hitting a six month old child in the crossfire, causing massive injuries. The Commonwealth produced a total of four eyewitnesses who allegedly identified K.G, all claiming they knew him and were positive he was the shooter.

The defense launched a vigorous investigation and determined that several witnesses were lying about key aspects of the case, and also questioned whether the police fabricated certain portions of one of the witness’ statements. The defense also exposed a lackluster and negligent police investigation that overlooked key facts and other potential suspects. Despite the best efforts of a team of talented prosecutors, and a hung jury on two other occasions, a third jury acquitted K.G. of all charges.

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