Hiring a Bail Hearing Lawyer to Get Out of Jail Fast

When a client at LinkLaw, LLC has been arrested and charged with a crime, the first objective is to get that person out of jail.

In recent months, the DA’s Office has undertaken a public campaign to push for high bail for individuals arrested in Philadelphia for gun charges, drug offenses and other violent crimes. Therefore, an arrestee is often forced to remain in custody for a longer period of time despite the fact that there is a presumption of innocence for everyone accused of a crime.

Arrested and charged with a crime? Call a Philadelphia Bail Hearing Lawyer Immediately!

Attorney R. Patrick Link makes it a priority to obtain all the necessary background information on a client as soon as possible to be prepared to file a timely bail motion. Contact Linklaw by email or speak with me on the phone 267-858-4774 and I will handle your case personally from start to finish.

In setting or re-examining bail, a judge or bail commissioner will look at an individuals prior record, prior failures to appear in court, employment status, education, ties to the community and many other factors.

Mr. Link understands the laws and procedures that apply to situations where bail is excessive and has successfully advocated for individuals seeking bail reductions or release from jail.