Robbery & Burglary Lawyer In Philadelphia

Theft and robbery are crimes that both involve the taking of someone else’s property without consent. A robbery & burglary offense in Philadelphia is when someone takes property from another with force, whether it be a purse snatching or a gun point robbery.

Burglary in Pennsylvania is defined as the entering into one’s premises, home or business, with the intent to commit any crime inside the property. It is a serious offense, not to be taken lightly.

Arrests for robbery and burglary are often times the result of misidentification by eyewitnesses. Eyewitness testimony has proven to be the most fallible type of evidence there is, yet it is still usually the lynch pin in the prosecution’s case.

Arrested? Don’t Speak with Police, Call a Philadelphia Robbery & Burglary Lawyer Immediately.
Being arrested for Robbery & Burglary crimes can have devastating consequences on one’s liberty, reputation and ability to earn a living. Contact Linklaw by email or speak with me on the phone 267-858-4774 and I will handle your case personally from start to finish.

Mr. Link has fought and won many cases by convincing judges and juries that his client was misidentified even where multiple witnesses stated they were 100% sure that it was his client that committed the crime. The bottom line is that eyewitness can be mistaken and can lie. Mr. Link is extremely adept at pointing this out to a fact finder through cross examination and argument.

What Is Considered Theft, Robbery, Or Burglary In Philadelphia?

Crimes that fall under the category of theft, robbery, and burglary all require the Commonwealth to prove the actor’s intent.

In theft cases, not only must it be proven that the person charged was the one who took the item (as discussed above), but that he/she intended to permanently deprive the owner of it as opposed to simply borrowing it.

In burglary cases, it must be proven that at the time the accused entered into the building, he/she had the intent to commit a crime. It is not enough to simply show that a crime (such as a theft or simple assault) occurred inside the premises.

In many other cases, there are non-criminal reasons to be inside someone else’s property. If the Commonwealth can’t exclude those possibilities then they cannot prove the crime of burglary.

burglary-attorney-philadelphiaThe offenses of burglary and robbery are felonies but vary in degree depending on the facts and circumstances of each case. Contact me to learn more about my experiences.

If a deadly weapon such as a gun is used there is a mandatory minimum sentence of five (5) to ten (10) years of state incarceration required by law if convicted of a gun or firearm offense in Philadelphia

Believe it or not, the gun does not even need to be recovered to face this penalty.

LinkLaw, LLC will also handle all similar theft offenses in Philadelphia, including:

  1. Shoplifting
  2. Car theft or car jacking
  3. Receiving stolen property
  4. Identity theft
  5. Armed robbery
  6. Writing bad or fraudulent checks
  7. Forgery
  8. Credit card theft
  9. Embezzlement
  10. Trafficking stolen goods
  11. Mail fraud
  12. Insurance fraud

How To Win A Philadelphia Robbery Or Burglary Offense

Because every case is fact-specific, felony and misdemeanor theft charges require a knowledgeable and aggressive defense. R. Patrick Link is a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer who has secured numerous acquittals for  people accused of theft, robbery and burglary offenses.

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