Jul 24

Commonwealth v. V.B.

Commonwealth v. V.B.

V.B. was arrested after police are notified that she, along with 10 other people broke down a door to the victim’s house, threatened people inside, and stole a wallet. Police photographed damage to the victim’s door and arrested V.B. at her house several blocks away. At trial, the defense highlighted numerous inconsistencies in the testimony between witnesses and the lackluster investigation by the assigned detective. Also, defense investigation revealed that the “victims” were relatives of an accused child molester and that the 10 people at their door were there seeking the perpetrator in this alleged robbery & burglary case. Further defense investigation revealed that V.B. was not present with that “mob”, but was singled out by the burglary “victims” because she had persuaded the child abuse victim to go to the police. V.B. was charged with Burglary (F1), Conspiracy (F1), Theft, Terroristic Threats, Criminal Trespass, and Harassment and found not guilty of all charges after a trial.

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