Nov 30

Commonwealth v. T.D.

Commonwealth v. T.D.

T.D. was arrested after several “witnesses” told police that he fired a gun at them. Police recovered shell casings from the scene and took pictures of a car that was damaged by bullet holes. Witnesses claimed that T.D. walked up the steps of a house and began pulling a gun out. The “victim” then tried to grab the gun and wrested with T.D. for control of it when they fell down the steps. After getting up, T.D. allegedly fired several shots, missing the victim and striking the car instead. The version of events told by the victim and witnesses were inconsistent and not credible, and did not conform to the physical evidence in the case. T.D. was exonerated after unfortunately spending nearly 11 months in jail due to the fact that he was not permitted to post bail because of a probation detainer from a previous misdemeanor conviction.

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