Aug 2

Commonwealth v. S.R.

Commonwealth v. S.R.

S.R. was arrested by members of the Narcotics Field Unit after an alleged multi-day surveillance at the home of S.R. According to their testimony and police reports, they observed S.R. accept money from a white male on his porch, go inside, then return back to exchange “small items consistent with narcotics packaging.” Based on this information, police obtained a search warrant and recovered narcotics and a firearm from inside the house. D was arrested inside of the house with a large amount of cash on his person. Defense investigation recovered a home surveillance system nearby that captured all activity on the porch of S.R.’/s residence. The video footage clearly showed the police fabricated the occurrence of a narcotics transaction on the porch and therefore falsely included information in their affidavit of probable cause for the search warrant of the home. All charges were dismissed at trial.

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