Jan 19

Commonwealth v. S.P.

Commonwealth v. S.P.

In November of 2019, a car drove by a bar on Wyoming Avenue and an individual leaned out of the front window, firing multiple shots that struck three individuals. An armed security guard fired back at the car as it sped off from the location, striking it on the passenger side. Police stationed at Temple Hospital observed a car being driven by S.P arrive a few minutes after the shooting, with the front passenger suffering from a gun shot wound to his forearm. There was a bullet hole in the car in the passenger side and witnesses identified the car at Temple as being the car that shots were fired from at the bar. Both S.P. and the passenger were arrested for attempter murder and related charges and went to trial. At trial, the defense contradicted witness statements and police reports with video from the bar, and both defendants were found not guilty of all charges.

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