Nov 6

Commonwealth v. S.C.

Commonwealth v. S.C.

S.C. was one of two back seat passengers in a car that was pulled over by police. As the officers were asking the occupants for their identification, both back seat passengers and the driver fled on foot. The front seat passenger stayed in the car. As the point the individuals began to run the police had not observed any firearms in the car. S.C. was the only individual apprehended, and when he was caught several blocks away, police claimed that he was in possession of latex gloves and a ski mask. When the officers brought S.C. back to the car, the front seat passenger had vanished and a firearm was recovered from the car near where S.C. had been seated. At trial, the defense argued that the firearm belonged to the front seat passenger, who had been waiting for an opportune time to get rid of it. S.C. was found not guilty of all charges.

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