Nov 18

Commonwealth v. O.A.

Commonwealth v. O.A.

Police responded to a call for a stabbing at the Greyhound station in Center City and found a man bleeding from the stomach. O.A. was arrested on scene and police recovered a knife from her purse. At trial, the complaining witness testified that he observed O.A. getting berated in public by her girlfriend. As an employee of the convention center, the witness claimed that he was trying to “uphold Philadelphia as a tourist destination” by pulling out a golf club and ordering the women to stop arguing. He claims that O.A.’s companion then pulled out a knife and stabbed him in this assault offense case, then handed the knife to O.A. to conceal from police. In addition to attacking the witness’s credibility (arguing that he was the initial aggressor and took a swing with the club), the defense argued that even if the witness was believed, the Commonwealth failed prove the elements of each crime charged beyond a reasonable doubt.

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