May 10

Commonwealth v. M.D.

Commonwealth v. M.D.

Police received information about narcotics sales being made out of a house on 65th Street and utilized a confidential informant to purchase cocaine from that residence. The CI went to the location three times to purchase drugs. On the first two occasions, police claimed that M.D. opened the door for the CI, then went to his vehicle to retrieve “objects” and returned back to the house. On each occasion, the CI turned over cocaine to police who then obtained a search warrant for the property. Upon execution of the warrant, police recovered a large amount of cocaine from the property and arrested M.D., who was in possession of pre-recorded buy money used by the CI to purchase the cocaine as well as (allegedly) the phone that was used to set up each transaction. At trial, Philadelphia drug lawyer R. Patrick Link introduced evidence that it was actually M.D.’s sister who was selling narcotics, and that she was conspiring with the father of her children- not M.D.

A judge found the defense evidence to be credible and found M.D. not guilty of all charges.

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