Oct 21

Commonwealth v. M.M.

Commonwealth v. M.M.

Client was charged with DUI after police responding to reports of a car accident find M.M. at the scene. Police observed multiple damaged parked cars, with the car allegedly driven by M.M. at rest on someone’s front lawn. Police alleged that while asking M.M. what had happened, he told police that he lost control of his car and struck other vehicles. While speaking to him, police believed he was intoxicated due to slurred speech and lack of balance. Blood was drawn at the police district, which came back positive for painkillers and marijuana. At trial, the defense objected to the use of the defendant’s statements to police that he was the driver of the car under the corpus delecti rule. After failing to produce any other viable witnesses to establish that M.M> was actually driving the car, M.M. was found not guilty.

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