Mar 25

Commonwealth v. L.B.

Commonwealth v. L.B.

Police set up a narcotics surveillance on the 3200 block of N.33rd Street. Officers claimed that L.B. left a dice game in an alley on two occasions to sell narcotics to separate buyers, and that they recovered drugs off of them. During the next two hours several other transactions were allegedly made by other dealers. Police then raided the block and arrested L.B. and another male for selling illegal drugs in Philadelphia after recovering only money from them. At trial, the defense highlighted the failure to provide information on the other 5 to 10 people that were stopped and released during the investigation as well as discrepancies in the testimony between several of the officers. The defense argued that the police were mistaken in their identification of L.B. as a drug dealer, and L.B. was acquitted of all charges.

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