Jul 31

Commonwealth v. K.M.

Commonwealth v. K.M.

K.M. went to pick his girlfriend’s 3 year old daughter up from daycare when the child told the workers that she didn’t want to leave with him because he had touched her “down there”. Police were notified and the child was interviewed by child psychologists, who concluded that the child had clearly disclosed sexual abuse at the hands of K.M. The sexual offense case against K.M. proceeded to trial, and the defense introduced evidence that the child’s biological father had in fact been accused by the child of inappropriate sexual contact several months prior to the allegations against K.M. The police and DHS had in fact investigated the biological father and the father was supposed to have had no contact with the child. Top Philly defense attorney, Mr. Link’s investigation revealed that the father had repeatedly violated the no-contact order, and argued that the father had tainted the child victim to make allegations against K.M. to deflect attention away from his own abuses. In addition, cross-examination of the child psychologist revealed flaws in her interview methods. The end result was a Not Guilty verdict for K.M., who would have been facing a substantial prison sentence and lifetime Meghan’s Law registration.

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