Mar 7

Commonwealth v. I.G.

Commonwealth v. I.G.

I.G. and his cousin were arrested for Robbery, Aggravated Assault and Conspiracy after police responding to a fight observed an unconscious victim on the sidewalk suffering broken bones in his face. The victim claimed the incident was unprovoked. However, the incident had occurred because I.G.’s 5 year old daughter came home crying because the “victim”had cornered her outside of a store and forced her to pose for pictures that the victim took with his phone. After confronting the man, he initiated a physical confrontation with I.G. and his cousin and lost the fight. The defense subpoenaed 911 calls indicating it was I.G. who had first called police, and had a police officer testify that the victim did in fact have pictures of I.G.’s daughter on his phone, which was turned over to the police by I.G. After having the felony assault and robbery charges thrown out after a preliminary hearing lead by Philadelphia assault lawyer Mr. link, I.G. was acquitted at trial of all remaining misdemeanor charges resulting from the incident.

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