Aug 17

Commonwealth v. G.R.

Commonwealth v. G.R.

Philadelphia narcotics police set up a surveillance at a bar in Germantown in response to complaints about narcotics sales. According to police, a car pulled into the parking lot right in front of an officer. Minutes later, a car driven by G.R. pulled up next to it. The driver of the first car approached G.R.’s car with money in his hand, and then extended the money into G.R.’s car. At that time, the “buyer” looked in the direction of police, pulled his hand out of G.R.’s car, and went back to his own vehicle. Both cars then allegedly exited the parking lot at a high rate of speed. G.R. allegedly evaded police for several blocks, and was apprehended about 5 minutes later. Police recovered powder cocaine and crack cocaine, as well as $400 in different denominations. At the preliminary hearing, the police contradicted themselves on several key points, and the felony charges of Fleeing Police and Possession with Intent to Deliver were dismissed. The case was remanded to Municipal Court on a misdemeanor charge of simple possession.

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