Oct 15

Commonwealth v. D.W.

Commonwealth v. D.W.

Police responded to a scene of a shooting in the City’s West Oak Lane section, that had occurred outside of a deli. A total of 29 fired cartridge casings were recovered and multiple nearby vehicles and buildings were pierced with bullets. Detectives retrieved video from a nearby video and identified D.W. as an individual involved. The video showed D.W. exiting the deli and firing a gun multiple times at another individual in a hoodie. D.W. was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder and Aggravated Assault. At trial, the defense claimed D.W. was justified in firing his gun under the theory of self-defense. The defense demonstrated that there were bullet strike marks on the wall of the deli where D.W. had initially exited, and that although casings were found near where D.W. was standing, ballistics also proved that two other guns were fired near the same location at the same time D.W. was observed firing his gun on video. After a trial, D.W. was found Not Guilty.

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