Oct 29

Commonwealth v. D.B.

Commonwealth v. D.B.

Officers responding to a shooting located a victim on W. Seymour Street. He was pronounced dead a short time later. Detectives investigating the murder discovered that a landlord to a nearby property had arrived with D.B. and confronted the victim about some broken windows at the property he was residing in. Witnesses came forward identifying the landlord and D.B. and identified D.B. as the shooter. Both individuals were charged with Murder, Conspiracy and Firearms Offenses. In addition, the landlord decided to testify against D.B. and also claimed that D.B. was the shooter. Defense investigation revealed additional witnesses who contradicted the landlord’s testimony and the other witness who identified D.B. as the shooter. 911 calls further cast doubt on the Commonwealth witnesses as they revealed a call from the victim himself, after the shooting and moments before he passed away, identifying the landlord as the shooter. Notwithstanding that evidence, the DA proceeded under the theory that D.B. conspired to kill the victim and was therefore guilty of Murder as well. A jury deliberated for less than 90 minutes before acquitting D.B. of all charges. After having to wait nearly three years for trial due to the pandemic shutdown of the court system, D.B. was finally granted his release that day.

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