Aug 8

Commonwealth of PA v. B.S. – High Speed Chase

Commonwealth of PA v. B.S. – High Speed Chase

Police were traveling down Broad Street when they allegedly saw B.S. in the front passenger seat of a car firing a gun at an unknown male on the corner. Police then attempted to stop the car BS was in, which resulted in a high speed chase. During the chase, BS allegedly fired multiple shots at the pursuing officers. When the car was ultimately stopped, BS was arrested, along with the driver and another male in the backseat. A gun was also found in the backseat and DNA testing came back positive for BS as well as the other passenger. Prior to trial, the defense filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the Commonwealth failed to act diligently in bringing the case to trial within the required 365 days. After extensive written motions and legal argument, a Judge granted the motion and BS was released of the firearm offenses. Had he been convicted of the lead charges, he would have faced a mandatory minimum 20 to 40 years in jail.

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