Apr 30

Commonwealth v. A.A.

Commonwealth v. A.A.

Upper Moreland police were contacted by Enterprise rental cars after employees discovered ammunition, a mask, and surgical gloves in a returned vehicle. Police determined that the car was rented by A.T. and that he was on State Parole. Police informed A.T.’s state parole agent of the discovery, and a team of parole agents conducted an “enforcement action” at A.T.’s approved residence. During this parole search, A.T. was detained inside his residence. From the bedroom where agents knew A.T. to reside, they recovered two firearms, and 75 grams of cocaine. A.T. was subsequently arrested. The defense filed a motion to suppress evidence, arguing that the parole agent’s lacked reasonable suspicion to believe that A.T. was in violation of any of the terms and conditions of his parole. The defense also argued that the DA’s contention that the parole officers merely conducted a “walk-through” of the house, and that what was occurred was in fact an impermissible search. A judge agreed and all physical evidence recovered from the house was ordered suppressed. The DA is now going to be forced to withdraw all charges against A.T.

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