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Philadelphia Attorney Patrick Link has skilled investigators who will, when necessary, turn over every stone looking for facts and witnesses that can produce a not guilty verdict or a verdict on a lesser degree of homicide. Homicides in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties are prosecuted by the most talented assistant district attorneys.

You need a Philadelphia homicide lawyer to match and counter their every move. Attorney Link accomplishes that with vigorous investigation and pre-trial motions to give the client the best chance of winning their case at trial.

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What Is First Degree, Second Degree, Or Third Degree Homicide In Philadelphia?

First degree murder is defined as an unlawful (not justified under self-defense) killing that is willful and premeditated. The mandatory minimum sentence for first degree murder is life imprisonment without the chance of parole. In addition, Pennsylvania still employs the death penalty, which prosecutors do seek in certain cases.

Second degree murder is a murder that is committed while the defendant was engaged as a principal or an accomplice in a felony. Even if a death is accidental, if it was caused by the defendant or an accomplice during the commission of a felony, the penalty is life in prison without parole.

For example, if two individuals agree to rob a bank and the gunman’s firearm goes off accidentally and a teller is struck while handing over the money, the getaway driver who wasn’t even in the bank is facing second degree murder charges.

Third degree murder is “any other kind of murder.” For example, if an individual shoots another individual in the leg, intending only to have that person suffer pain, this person is guilty of third degree murder in the event the victim ultimately dies from the injury. They could also be charged with a gun or firearm offense in Philadelphia.

Voluntary manslaughter is a killing that is done “in the heat of passion,” but without legal justification. Or, a person may be guilty of voluntary manslaughter if, while they intended to kill, they honestly but unreasonable believed that they were justified in their actions.

Of course if they had an honest belief they were justified in the killing AND that belief was reasonable, there is not a “murder” and the person is not guilty of any crime.

How To Win A Philadelphia Homicide Offense?

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