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Why Hire a Philadelphia Gun Lawyer?

Currently, few offenses in Philadelphia are dealt with more harshly than being arrested for an illegal firearm, gun or weapon. Several years ago, if someone was arrested for a gun offense in Philadelphia and had a relatively small criminal record, they could expect low bail and a probationary sentence. To help those facing charges for firearm possession or other gun offenses, we recommend this article with everything you need to know about fighting gun charges in Philly.

philadelphia-gun-lawyer-guns-firearms-offensesToday, due to changes in sentencing guidelines and increased media coverage, the average bail for a gun offense is $100,000, and the District Attorney’s Office no longer agrees to probation. It is now more imperative than ever to hire a top Philadelphia gun lawyer.

Many weapons violations and gun offenses arise from complicated situations and are coupled with charges for violent crimes or drug dealing.  A conviction on these charges can lead to a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 to 10 years in state prison. Oftentimes, no guns were recovered from the scene of a violent crime or the gun was in another location when the drugs were being sold.

Arrested? Don’t Speak with Police, Call a Philadelphia Gun Lawyer Immediately.

Being arrested for Gun Possession in Philadelphia can have devastating consequences on one’s liberty, reputation and ability to earn a living. Contact Linklaw by email or speak with me on the phone 267-858-4774 and I will handle your case personally from start to finish.

In other situations, violent crime and drug arrests become more serious when guns and firearms are involved. Simple assault can become aggravated assault or even attempted murder. Those accused of violent crimes such as sex offenses, robbery, or domestic violence face the possibility of serving longer sentences in state prison. Even carrying a gun in your car or in public without a license can lead to significant jail time.

Unless you have a skilled lawyer who understands the law and your constitutional rights and makes the right arguments, the facts of your case may not matter and a judge can still sentence you to a mandatory minimum sentence or more.

Philadelphia Gun Lawyer At Your Service

patrick_link__law_philadelphia_120x134Mr. Link is a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney who, while there, worked in the Gun Violence Task Force and in “gun court”, where he oftentimes prosecuted twenty gun cases in ONE DAY. He is familiar with how the police investigate the illegal purchase and possession of firearms so that he knows every move the opposing side is making and can be prepared for the Commonwealth’s arguments and evidence before it is even put on in court.

Call an experienced Philadelphia Gun Lawyer with extensive experience defending clients accused of weapons violations and gun charges, including:

  • Possession of an instrument of crime
  • Violations of the Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA)
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Possession of a gun by a person prohibited (due to prior conviction)
  • Straw purchase of a firearm or falsifying documents to purchase a gun

R. Patrick Link is a Philadelphia gun lawyer who will carefully evaluate your case and use his vast experience prosecuting and defending such cases to determine your best course of action. In some cases, police will allege that an individual had actual gun charges.

However, police can and DO LIE to secure arrests and convictions. Under this scenario, Mr. Link has successfully challenged police credibility (through vigorous investigation of the arresting officers) and highlighted the lack of scientific evidence (such as fingerprints and DNA) to secure not guilty verdicts for many of his clients. In other cases, the Commonwealth alleges that an individual had constructive possession of an illegal gun (such as under the seat in a car or in a house).

To prove constructive possession it has to be shown beyond a reasonable doubt that an individual had “conscious dominion and control” over the gun, meaning that the person knew of the gun’s existence and had the power and intent to control it. Mr. Link has won many gun cases under this premise of the law as well.

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